Punjab Educators Association Madina Town Faisalabad by Muhammad Ramzan Moazam Sulehria




Assalam o Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh! Respected Educators.

Education is the backbone of country's social,cultural,economic and moral progress and prosperity. And no doubt the EDUCATOR/TEACHER plays a pivtol role in Educating the nation.

Unfortunately, in our country the EDUCATOR/TEACHER has been being exploited and not been given the due respect and honor particularly by the Governments.That's why neither he  could not get rid of economic crisis nor he could get Freedom of thought/creativity in a proper way.

PUNJAB EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION is the sole registered Organization that has been established to acquire the due respect and honor for the EDUCATOR/TEACHER so that the Education standard and Literacy rate of our beloved homeland can be uplifted


Since its establishment, the representatives of PEA Madina Town have been working quite effectively in their respective town of FAISALABAD.  PEA Madina Town has organized Monthly Meetings, Emergency Meetings, Protests, Sit-in b4 District Council & Press Club Faisalabad  Town and District Conventions and above all it has participated in Lahore Rallies/protests/sit-in with the district body.

It has constantly visited District Accounts Office, Education Offices, DCO Office, Commissioner Office along with PEA FSD for the betterment and solving the problems of EDUCATORS of the whole town. accross the board.And this process is still going on.

AIMS/GOALS (Targets):

1. BPS-14 for ESE, BPS-16 for SESE, BPS-17 for SSE  2. Regularization from the date of appointment  3. Personal pay should be merged into Basic Pay  4. Attainment of Increment of 2009  5. Time Scale  6. Higher Qualification allowance on all subjects  7.Separate cadre for Educators and Formulae  8. End of contractual system 9. attainment of Teaching allowance equal to the Basic pay

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